Graphic Cards


Most powerful graphic cards
The right choice of graphic cards is a big part when determining quality and performance.


AMD FirePro W8100
delivers outstanding performance and quality. Only the
AMD FirePRO cards have implemented the mirroring and
rotation funktionality to drive the 3D PluraView with 2x 4k
with QuadBuffer Stereo.

NVIDIA Quadro M5000 offers an up to now not achieved performance
and scalability, for analyzing and visualizing large
databases. With up to 2.048 CUDA/OpenCL programmable,
parallel processing units and a graphic memory of 8GB GDDR-
5 ECC, the Quadro M5000 is the perfect solution for complex applications such as biomedical sciences and seismic research, oil and gas prospection or photogrammetry.
With only one professional graphic card, you can control two monoscopic monitors and one 3D Plura-
View evaluation screen at the same time with the four monitor outputs of the Fire-Pro W8100. Even two 3D PluraView stereo monitors are selectable with just one graphic card.

All GIS graphics cards are suitable for multi-monitor operation.