3D Controllers

Stealth 3D-Mouse
The perfect input device for GIS applications

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The Stealth Mouse is an ergonomic, high performance 3D hand controller proven to enhance productivity
and comfort for users of the demanding 3D software applications. With 10 programmable buttons
and 33 programmable functions, the user can have functions and macros right at the fingertips. Operating
together with or without the traditional mouse, the Stealth 3D Mouse delivers an efficient and balanced way to work while reducing hand fatigue.


  • USB plug-and-play compatibility. (COM port still available if required)
  • Supported by ALL Photogrammetric ApplicationSoftware
  • Made in the USA and design protected by USA Patent
  • Manufacturer Warranty Repair and Hardware & Software support at our Sales & Service Centers
  • Comfortable two-handed operational grip for GIS, Photogrammetry and Mapping Applications use
    Optical mouse mechanism for fast high resolution that works well on ALL non-reflective surfaces and requires no maintenance
    High resolution Z-wheel with 1.024 steps per revolution providing fast and accurate pointing
    High precision X-Y-laser navigation for accurate position control. Soft acting force, long life buttons rated at 10 million cycles for maximum productivity